Royale Lawncare 6 inch Decal – White – Black – Orange 807440


These decals are a great way to help support Royale Lawncare and spread the word about them. They are just under 6 inches in size.

To apply the decal clean area you are going to apply it to first. Then rub it down with rubbing alcohol. – LET IT DRY COMPLETELY.

Then you can peel the backing off and place it on. If the design stays on the paper at all gently put the transfer (clear plastic) back down and rub with your fingers a little bit.

Then place on vehicle or item. Scrape with a squeegee or a credit card. Next step it to carefully peel away the transfer tape. Leaving only the desired design behind. Make sure it is above 45 degrees consistently for 72 hours for best longevity and cure time.

My favorite way to apply decals is to clean as stated above but instead of placing it blindly. I line it up with paper still on the back, then using a piece of painters tape use a small piece about one inch to hold in in place where I want the design. You can even stand back and look and see what you think. Then use the tape as a hinge and lift the whole design over the tape and then peel the backing off.

You can now gently fold your design down and squeegee or use credit card to put it in place.

Any air bubbles left will work their way out naturally in the sun.

If any of this confuses you I can totally give you a video call or help walk you through it. (Jess from Payson’s Creations)

I am hoping to post a YouTube video soon!



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This is a permanent adhesive decal for your vehicle, atv or other items.
It can be removed using heat and peeling it off.
Available in Both White and Black.

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